Quick catch up

Hi, all!!

Firstly, I know I've been a little quiet, but it's been for good reasons. In December and January, I had been working on an anatomy review to prepare for (yet another) pain management/medical style massage program. I'd been thinking about this next program for at least a year and I. Finally. Started. Over the next weeks, months, year or so, I'll be continuing to work my way through this detailed program and that means I'll be slowly incorporating new techniques and different approaches into sessions. It's pretty exciting stuff (so long as you think muscle testing and specific muscle disfunction is exciting).


Next up, day light savings time. I think we've gone over this before, but I'm exceptionally bad at the whole "spring ahead" part of day light savings, so I'll be out of the office Sunday, March 11th. I like to turn off the morning alarm and let my brain acclimate to the shift. 


Lastly, have you signed up for the Make Your Own Mala class yet? It's sneaking up on us-Friday March 16th. I'm super excited about it and hope to see you there!