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Hi, all!

A new year, a new Facebook algorithm...

If you haven’t already seen, a lot of small businesses are in a bit of a panic about some changes that Facebook has announced. The changes will make it less likely for people to see a business’s posts even if they’ve liked that business’s page. I’m not particularly panicked but I will be changing things up slightly. Instead of one newsletter a month, I’ll be sending out two. One of the most useful things for me about Facebook has been posting what appointments I have available coming up, but it’s only useful if you actually see it. I’ll be adding two weeks worth of available appointments to the bottom of the newsletter along with my phone number (to call or text) plus the link to my online booking page. The good part about this is that you’re more likely to see it and I’ve heard from quite a few of you that it’s a helpful reminder. The bad part is that, unlike on Facebook, I won’t be able to update it as my schedule fills in so it won’t be as accurate.
I hope everyone is staying warm and having the best possible winter! Stay safe and I'll see you soon

Thank you always,