The Swedish Massage

If you have ever had a massage or seen someone get a massage, chances are it was a Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is one of the most common massages given and is a great starting point for anyone who has never received a massage before. A lighter touch is associated with the Swedish massage and a more passive touch using oils. Using oils during the massage allows the therapist to glide their movements over the body while bringing about relaxation and working out any unwanted kinks. By focusing on long, gliding strokes the massage therapist can easily recognize areas that may need more attention based on the clients reaction.

benefits for everyone

While many people utilize the art of massage as a form of relaxation, it can also be used for many ailments of the body. Swedish massage can help with pain management, increased blood flow, reducing stress, strengthening immunity, rehabilitation of a muscle injury, and many more. Outside of strengthening and improving our physical well being a Swedish massage can also strengthen our minds. Relaxing your mind and letting it drift off to a relaxing state, is a way to relieve your stress and reduce the inner turmoil that we all sometimes feel. Swedish massage not only promotes your physical health and mental health, but your emotional health as well. Clearing our minds of unwanted emotions, while relaxing during a massage can help you feel more balanced and improve your mood.

A Swedish massage can be performed on different parts of the body and can last for different amounts of time. Massages can last anywhere from one to two hours depending on the needs of the recipient.

Is swedish massage right for you?

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