What is Myofascial Release Massage?

Myofascial Release or MFR is a type of massage that focuses on the fascia, or connective tissue of the body and applying gentle pressure to relieve the trigger point. Fascia is the tough connective tissue that runs like a web underneath the skin and stabilizes, attaches, encloses, and separates the muscles and some internal organs. By relieving the tension on the trigger point, the fascia becomes more elastic and movable, while alleviating pain in the process. The process mostly involves following the unique path of tension that is present and different for every client.  No oils or creams are used in this process, just the gentle sustained pressure presented by the person performing the massage, so skin sensitivity isn't an issue.


The benefits of Myofascial Release Massage are not limited to making a person feel relaxed or pampered. Benefits include treating skeletal muscle immobility, relieving pain, stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles, restore motion, and improving circulation. This method of massage therapy can be performed anywhere on the body that is experiencing stiff and fixed movement and needs restoration. Depending on what location of the body the massage is performed and the amount of discomfort you are in factors the amount of relief that you achieve.

Another factor that needs to be considered when receiving a Myofascial Release Massage is the amount of time spent on the area in question. Massages can range from an hour to two hours and may need several sessions. Several sessions may be needed if you are experiencing problems with fascia in different areas of your body.

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