The Magic Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and tissue is what is known as a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massages start with a massage therapist using oils, varying amounts of pressure and kneading to relax the top layer of muscle and tissue. From there the amount of pressure used can become more intense depending on the area being massaged. This allows the massage therapist to work the tension out of the muscles that lie deeper under the skin. This process is extremely relaxing not only for the body but also for the mind.

Benefits for the body and the mind

While relaxing your body during a deep tissue massage, you can also let your mind drift away and enjoy the fact that you are doing something for your well being. Working out those tense muscles and connective tissues can really benefit people who are suffering from sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and chronic muscle pain. However, it is a great addition to any wellness routine, whether it be a treat or part of a healthy balance in your lifestyle.

Targeting the large muscle groups and joint is what sets deep tissue massages apart from all the rest. Deeply kneading those troublesome spots can sometimes be painful at the time but offer the greatest relief in the long run. Also, receiving regular deep tissue massage sessions can help teach the body to repair itself by manipulation of the fascia.

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